Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Rocking Chair Recover

My friend & Momma-to-be is expecting twins! Yay! I was already making her bedding for her babies (Did I mention YAY! I'm really so excited to meet her babies!!) and so I told her I would recover her rocking chair for her shower gift. I knew she'd get lots of great things, but I wanted to do something for her nursery.

Here is the finished cushions. They are waiting by my door to be taken to her tonight!!! I can't wait to get some pictures of it in the actual chair. I will also be making her arm rests and will post a tutorial for that as well.

So, I'm going to walk you through how I recovered her rocking chair cushions :)

I wanted the back part to be where I put my velcro so I put that side along the selvage.

Cut your strings off they will get in the way. Leave a tiny bit there though so you know where your future ties will be.

Sandwich the cushion in between the material. Make sure it's enough to cover it on all sides. You want the front of the cushion (the side facing everyone) to be smooth and the back to have the velcro.

Pin along the sides of the cushion with pins every couple of inches. Make sure you are leaving about 1/2" of fabric in between the cushion and your pin.

Pin all along the side. This will be your stitch line.

All along...

Other side.

Leave the back part open!

It looks like a covered cushion!

Make sure it's smooth!

Front - the smooth part :) (Don't mind the background)

From up high...

Now, cut off all the extra. LEAVE 1" ON THE SIDES. DO NOT cut the open part.

my 1"

Stitch where the pins are on either side.

Stitched! DO NO CUT THE EXTRA YET!!!!! You have to try it on your pillow first to make sure it fits. I REPEAT DO NOT CUT THE EXTRA OFF YET!

Does it fit!? Mine does!


Before you remove the pillow and stitch it an extra time. Go ahead and figure out your opening part. I pinned where I wanted to hem my opening. This is also where the velcro where go.

On the other side, I made it overlap the first part. This will be where you hem and probably put the rough side of the velcro.

Make sure it overlaps well. Remove the pillow. Get read to stitch over it again. You want your seam to be heavy duty.

For the second stitching I use #14 on my machine. You can see what that is. If you don' t have that, you can zig zag over the stitches.

Over the first set of stitching. Makes it good and secure! Then and only then can you cut the extra off. I leave about 1/2"

Hem the ends so they look nice and let's plan the velcro part out. I put my rough side on the inside of the first flap and the soft side on the outside of the second.

When pinning on where you want your velcro you need to pin your straps on.  I cut a 40" piece of ribbon. Folded it in half and slid it  under the end of the soft side of the velcro. My velcro does not go all the way to the end. Stitch the velcro and straps on.
Try it on your pillow. Close the velcro and tie it on! You're done with the bottom part. I used the same technique for the top but I put the velcro along the top of the cushion with the straps. I used velcro on this so she can remove them if it ever gets anything on it. I find that everything is better if it's washable!!! 

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  1. This is exactly what I am doing for my daughter. Did you post the tutorial for the arm rests? I'd love to see that.